My 10 Best Beaches

The travel blogosphere is awash with lists of the world's best beaches.  From the Maldives to the Galápagos Islands, every nomad has their own top 5, 10, or 50 to evoke envy in readers.  Each list is limited by the writer's own travel experience, and that's what makes them unique.  I haven't been to the … Continue reading My 10 Best Beaches


Surviving 2 days on a budget in Barcelona

"It's too early for this", I thought as my taxi pulled up outside Dublin Airport at 5.15am.  I sleepily stumbled out into the faint light of dawn and made my way inside.  I was flying to Barcelona for a whirlwind two-day visit, where I was to meet an old friend who was flying in from … Continue reading Surviving 2 days on a budget in Barcelona