RIOT Dublin

The first time I went to see THISISPOPBABY's show Riot, the headliner of 2016’s Dublin Fringe Festival, I went along to support my friend Ronan, who was part of the cast.  Ronan is a professional circus artist, a career he came to via a roundabout route involving playing senior GAA for Roscommon and later being … Continue reading RIOT Dublin


Seduced by Dublin’s sublime in Springtime

For all my love of exploring foreign lands, there are times when I've felt like a tourist in my own city, burrowing into its many urban landscapes and subcultures. Creeping down the stairs to Dublin’s Liquor Rooms feels like descending into a hazier golden age of glamour and luxury.  High-heeled feet sink into plush, purple … Continue reading Seduced by Dublin’s sublime in Springtime