My 10 Best Beaches

The travel blogosphere is awash with lists of the world's best beaches.  From the Maldives to the Galápagos Islands, every nomad has their own top 5, 10, or 50 to evoke envy in readers.  Each list is limited by the writer's own travel experience, and that's what makes them unique.  I haven't been to the … Continue reading My 10 Best Beaches


There’s nowhere like Zanzibar

It was late when we touched down on Tanzania's island of Zanzibar on a short Precision Air flight from Nairobi.  A quick movement through the airport saw us soon in a taxi to Warere Town House, a restored townhouse in Zanzibar's capital of Stonetown, decorated in traditional Zanzibari style, with wood carvings, mosaic tiles, tapestries … Continue reading There’s nowhere like Zanzibar

Cycling through Kenya’s Hell’s Gate National Park

Picture this: You're standing in the baking midday sun on a narrow, sandy road, at the entrance to Kenya's Hell's Gate National Park, so called partly after its deep gorge, but also partly because of the extreme temperatures and geothermal activity inside it.  Your rented bicycle is upside down on the ground beside you, while … Continue reading Cycling through Kenya’s Hell’s Gate National Park