My 10 Best Beaches

The travel blogosphere is awash with lists of the world's best beaches.  From the Maldives to the Galápagos Islands, every nomad has their own top 5, 10, or 50 to evoke envy in readers.  Each list is limited by the writer's own travel experience, and that's what makes them unique.  I haven't been to the … Continue reading My 10 Best Beaches


California here we come

In the mid-afternoon sun in Santa Cruz, California, topless men in backward baseball caps and baggy shorts played volleyball on the beach. Their tanned, toned torsos leapt into the air, raised an arm, ran backward, and lazed on the sidelines drinking water and high-fiving one another. We watched them from the pier. It was late … Continue reading California here we come

If you’re going to San Francisco

San Francisco means many different things to many different people. A global tech hub, flowers in your hair, a busy sea port, hippy counterculture, the gay capital of the world, liberal government, steeply sloping streets, postcard-perfect Victorian houses, ethnic diversity and incredible food to match, sky-high rents and exploding homelessness. All of these make up … Continue reading If you’re going to San Francisco

Enda Kenny doesn’t deserve our praise. Remember who we’re talking about.

This St Patrick’s Day, my Facebook news feed was flooded with friends posting the video of Enda Kenny’s speech directed at Donald Trump.  Kenny is on a State visit to the US, and took part in the traditional St Patrick's Day Taoiseach's visit to the American president in Washington.  I have to admit, it was … Continue reading Enda Kenny doesn’t deserve our praise. Remember who we’re talking about.