Australia’s most famous island

"If it wriggles, it's not a stick" -- Ranger Dave's words to us as he sent us into the rainforest for our first bush walk on Fraser Island. We had arrived by boat that morning and were met by crazy Dave, the ranger who would be leading our Cool Dingo tour.  In a group of … Continue reading Australia’s most famous island


Quiet Belize

Belize is Central America's only country whose official language is English, rather than Spanish. The relatively young country's colonial history features the British, the Spanish, and even a territorial claim by Guatemala in the 1980s, however its independence was finally won in 1991. More culturally diverse than most other Central American countries, there are Latin, … Continue reading Quiet Belize

Cuba Libre!

Flying low over the Caribbean in daylight is always a beautiful experience.  Not long before landing in Havana's José Martí International Airport, I looked out the window of the Air France 777 I was travelling on to see the Bahamas stretched out in stunning blue and turquoise water below. Any delusion I was under that this … Continue reading Cuba Libre!

Enda Kenny doesn’t deserve our praise. Remember who we’re talking about.

This St Patrick’s Day, my Facebook news feed was flooded with friends posting the video of Enda Kenny’s speech directed at Donald Trump.  Kenny is on a State visit to the US, and took part in the traditional St Patrick's Day Taoiseach's visit to the American president in Washington.  I have to admit, it was … Continue reading Enda Kenny doesn’t deserve our praise. Remember who we’re talking about.