Hello!  I’m Aileen, a 30-something progressive lefty feminist, tea-loving nomad and circus performer with an undying love for inner city Dublin, fighting for social justice while travelling to as many places as possible and working more hours than is normal or healthy to fund my habit.  I’m also the Literature Editor of HeadStuff.org.

I’ve lived in Ireland, the UK and Australia, and travelled on six continents.  Here you’ll find my travel stories, as well as forays into other subjects I care about from time to time.

I believe in responsible tourism, and that doesn’t mean taking part in (problematic at best) volunteer programs whose emphasis is more on the volunteer’s experience than on the benefit to the local community.  It means respecting and adapting to local customs, covering my head where required in places of worship, not treating human beings as tourist attractions, not taking part in activities that exploit animals (elephant rides, tiger ‘sanctuaries’, zoos), showing respect at sites that commemorate human suffering such as concentration camps or genocide memorials, not damaging local environments, and being conscious of but not condescending toward the problems of less developed areas.

You can contact me at frequent.flier.aileen at gmail dot com