Two days in Yosemite

Yosemite National Park's greenery, waterfalls and huge, silver rock formations will impress any visitor. The park itself is enormous, but much of the tourism is concentrated in the Yosemite Valley area in its centre – a deep valley between high cliffs on both sides, where famous viewpoints, hiking trails and waterfalls provide the main attractions. … Continue reading Two days in Yosemite


Wild Wild West

“Welcome to America, the land of litigation”, said Marie as she handed us waiver forms to fill in. Amanda and I had just arrived to meet our four day Trek America tour from Las Vegas to the desert national parks of the Wild West, and last minute paperwork was being organised in the hotel lobby. … Continue reading Wild Wild West

Cuba Libre!

Flying low over the Caribbean in daylight is always a beautiful experience.  Not long before landing in Havana's José Martí International Airport, I looked out the window of the Air France 777 I was travelling on to see the Bahamas stretched out in stunning blue and turquoise water below. Any delusion I was under that this … Continue reading Cuba Libre!