Seduced by Dublin’s sublime in Springtime

For all my love of exploring foreign lands, there are times when I've felt like a tourist in my own city, burrowing into its many urban landscapes and subcultures. Creeping down the stairs to Dublin’s Liquor Rooms feels like descending into a hazier golden age of glamour and luxury.  High-heeled feet sink into plush, purple … Continue reading Seduced by Dublin’s sublime in Springtime


Santa Monica’s active life

It was a hot, sticky June day in Southern California, but I was standing in the breeze on a small steel board 25 feet above Santa Monica Pier.  As the trapeze bar was pulled up to meet me, I leaned all of my weight forward off the board and caught hold of it, now held … Continue reading Santa Monica’s active life

Enda Kenny doesn’t deserve our praise. Remember who we’re talking about.

This St Patrick’s Day, my Facebook news feed was flooded with friends posting the video of Enda Kenny’s speech directed at Donald Trump.  Kenny is on a State visit to the US, and took part in the traditional St Patrick's Day Taoiseach's visit to the American president in Washington.  I have to admit, it was … Continue reading Enda Kenny doesn’t deserve our praise. Remember who we’re talking about.

Debrief: International Women’s Day 2017

This year's International Women's Day was marked differently to anything we've seen before in Ireland.  Pressure is mounting for our government to call a referendum to repeal the 8th amendment to our constitution, which outlaws abortion and creates barriers to healthcare for pregnant people.  The 8th of March was marked by Strike4Repeal, a nationwide women's … Continue reading Debrief: International Women’s Day 2017