Beginning to write

It’s daunting to think of what to expect when starting a blog for the first time.  Well, not really for the first time, but the first time you’re serious about it.  You worry – will I find time to write every week?  Will my voice be coherent and consistent?  Will I be able to stick to my subject, or will I wander off on a tenuously linked tangent into other subjects that were never the aim of the game?

That’s my main concern.  I’ve set out to write a travel blog, but I have other interests that I suspect will compete for space.  My interests, and how I spend my time, can be summed up like this:

The voice you will hear here is at the intersection of these things.  I’ve been lucky enough to travel for aerial training on more than one occasion, and likewise my interest in politics and social justice has often informed my travel experiences.

I decided to start travel writing on a recent trip to Washington, DC, where I fell in love with democracy all over again and found a bookstore that fed and watered my word fetish for hours.  What you will find here is a progressive lefty feminist and social justice warrior with a deep love for inner city Dublin who lives to travel, loves to perform and is happiest when upside down.  Whether on the road or in the air, these are my stories of enlightenment, exhilaration and emotion.



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